Assitant Lecturer, MTU Crawford College of Art & Design.

Botanica; The Art of Plants.
Crawford Art Gallery, Cork. Curated by Michael Waldron. IE.
Artist Placement, KinSHIP, Tramore Valley Park. Curated by Lennon/Taylor. IE.
Graphica Creativa Triennale, Jyväskylä Art Museum. Curated by Teija Lammi. FI.
The point of truth, beauty and knowledge, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany. GR. 

Artist in Residence, GannonEco; Waste Repurposing Plant. IE.  

a demarcation of Time, Ashford Gallery, RHA, IE. Curated by Sarah McAuliffe. (Solo 2023)
PhD Canditate, National College of Art & Design, Dublin. 2021-2026 

2022:       A Temporary Iteration, SIRIUS Arts Centre, Cork, IE.

2020:       Overburden, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork City, IE.
2018:       The Dirt That Measures All Our Time, Mermaid Arts Centre, Wicklow, IE. 
2018:       The Great Heap, Luan Gallery, Westmeath, IE.
2017:       The Great Heap, Leitrim Sculpture Centre, IE.
2016:       Dust Breeding, GOMA, Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford, IE.
2014:        Unusable Monuments, Cork Printmakers, Cork. IE.
2014:        Missing Something Which No Longer Exists, 126, Galway, IE.
2013:       There are Thousands of Taps Dripping, Ratamo Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finland. FI.


2021:         PhD Scholarship, National College of Art & Design, Dublin, IE. 
2021:         Arts Council of Ireland, Project Award.
2020:        Arts Council of Ireland, Individual Artist Bursary.
2020:        Arts Council of Ireland, Covid-Response Award.
2019:        Cork County Arts Council, Creative Artist Bursary.
2017:         Cork City Arts Council, Individual Artist Bursary. (2015/14)
2016:        Culture Ireland Award, Supporting International Projects in Finland & China (2011).
2015:        Purchase Prize, Impressions Biennial, Selected by David Ferry.
2014:        Arts Council of Ireland, Arts Council of Ireland, Individual Artist Bursary.
2013:        Arts Council of Ireland, Travel and Training Award. (2011)

2011:         Cork City Twinning Grant, The Don Gallery, Shanghai, CN.


2019:        The Cabin Residency, Cork County Arts Council Award, Road Books,Cork. IE.
2017:        Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Solo Exhibition and Residency Award. IE.
2016:        Awarded Residency, EIARA, The Burren College of Art. IE.
2013:        European Pépinières pour Jeunes Artistes, MAP, 6 Month Residency Award. FI.
2012:        Ruth Katzman Scholarship Residency Award, The Art Students League of NY. US

2012:        Arts Council of Wales, Awarded Teaching Residency, Swansea Print Workshop. UK.
2011:         Artist in Residence Award, Jyväskylä Centre for Printmaking, Finland. FI.
2010:        Artist in Residence Award, Ateliers BaZtille, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. NL.


2021:       A Passive House; Open conversation with Ali O’Shea. Rebel Reads, Cork. IE.
2021:       The Human Animal, Video Podcast with Carol Anne Connolly & Sarah Kelleher.           
2020:       a field of multiple destructions, Artist Lecture Series, National Sculpture Factory, IE.
2019:       Peatlands in the Imagination; A Revolution in How We Live, U.C.C. Cork. IE.
2019:        Printmaking in the Contemporary Landscape, The National Gallery of Ireland. IE.
2019:        Fallow Land; The Importance of Being Still, St. Luke’s Crypt, TACTIC Gallery, Cork, IE.
2018:        How Did I Get Here? Studio 12 Launch, Backwater, Cork, IE.
2016:       Artists Speak, VAI Get Together, IMMA, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, IE.
2016:        Walking as Research, Visiting Lecturer, The Burren College of Art, NUIG, Co. Clare, IE.
2016:        Expanded Printmaking, Visiting Lecturer, Art Academy of Riga, Latvia. LV.

2014:        Professional Development, Lecture, Crawford College of Art, Cork, IE.
2013:        There are Thousands of Taps Dripping, Ratamo Galleria, Jyväskylä, Finland. FI.       
2013:        Expanded Practice in Contemporary Printmaking, Spike Island (Print), Bristol, UK.
2011:        This constant movement of Bricks, Galleria Harmonia, Jyväskylä, Finland. FI.



2021:        Below, & Time Between, Studio 12, Backwater, IE. With Carol Anne Connolly
2020:       Visions of an Unsettled Earth, Sirius Arts Centre, IE. With Debbie Godesell & Sarah O’Flaterty 
2014:        On the Edge of a Blue Sky, The Courthouse Gallery. IE. With Lorraine Walsh
2011:         Conversations amongst Endpoints, The Don Gallery, Shanghai, CH.
                   With Edel O’Reilly & Amanda Rice
2009:       The Kitchen Table. Art Trail: Rediscovering Locality, IE. With Amanda Rice
2007:        Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival, SÍM Seljavegur, Reykjavík, IS. With Sigbjørn Bratlie


2022:      The Space We Occupy, IAC, NYC & Solas Nua, Washingon DC. Curated by Miranda Driscoll. US.

2022:      Ulysses; Centenary. Graphic Studio Dublin. Curated by Anne Hodge. IE.    
2021:       Rembrandt in Print, Print Studio, Crawford Art Gallery. Cork, IE.   

2021:       In-Florescence, Nano Nagle Gallery, Cork, IE.   
2021:        New Threads. Crawford Art Gallery Acquisitions. Curated By Michael Waldron.IE.
2021:        New Perspectives. Acquisitions 2011–2020, National Gallery of Ireland.
                  Curated by Sean Rainbird. IE.
2020:       Land of Some Other Order, Lavit Gallery, Cork, Curated by Paul McAree. IE.
2020:       Mouth of a Shark, Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery, Scotland. UK.
2020:       Stories from Lismore and beyond, Lismore Castle Arts, Curated by Paul McAree. IE.
2020:       New Impressions, Draíocht Arts Centre, Dublin, Curated by Sharon Murphy. IE
2019:       Field Study, The Auxiliary, Middlesbrough, UK.
2019:       The New State, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, IE.
2019:       The Land is Still Being Formed, Sternview Gallery, Cork. IE.
2019:       See You Tomorrow, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh. IE.
2019:       Northern Beaches Book Awards, The Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Australia. AU.
2019:       Fremantle Arts Centre Print Awards, Fremantle, Western Australia. AU.
2019:       VUE; Ireland’s National Contemporary Art Fair, RHA, Dublin, IE.
2018:       Double Take, Glucksman Gallery, Cork. IE.
2018:       Sustainable Futures, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, IE.
2018:       Ungrounded, Studio 12, Cork, IE.  
2018:       Stampa Ora, Cork Printmakers & Italian Association of Contemporary Engravers          
                  Fondazione Villa Benzi Zecchini, Treviso, IT. Universita degli Studi di Sassari, Sardinia. IT.
                  Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, & Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford, IE.
2017:        Locales, Doswell Gallery, Rosscarbery, IE.
2017:        The Dispersed Gallery, Offsite Locations, in Association with the MIMA. UK.
2017:        Geological Cake, BCA Gallery &126 Gallery, IE.
2017:        NEU NOW Festival 2016, Online Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. NL.
2016:       I Went to the Woods, the artist as wanderer, GLUCKSMAN Gallery, IE.
2016:       YOU MAKE MINE, I MAKE YOURS, Ratamo Galleria, Jyväskylä, Finland. FI.
2015:       What Happens When Nothing Else Does, MA:AP, Crawford College of Art. IE.
2015:       Statements, SNAP3, International Printmaking Symposium, Germany. GR.
2015:       Silver, West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Co. Cork. IE.
2015:       TWEETBOX, Printmaking in the Post-Print Age, Impact 9, Hangzhou, China. CH.
2014:        HEXAGON, Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co. Wicklow. IE.
2014:        Cachet de la Poste Faisant Foi, Villa Mallet-Stevens, Paris, FR.
2014:       Little Kingdoms, Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast. NI.
2013:        POST-IT, Boarders and Crossings, IMPACT8, Dundee, Scotland. UK.
2013:        The Mythical and Mundane, Siamse Tire, Kerry. IE.
2013:        Drawn to Print, Spike Island, Bristol, U.K.
2012:        Impressions, Galway Arts Centre. IE. Selected by Norman Ackroyd.
2012:        Big Visual Dynamite, TACTIC, Cork Culture Night, IE.
2012:        Hack the City; Artvertiser Project, Science Gallery, Dublin, IE.
2011:         Have you seen a Monkey? Fact and Fiction in an Irish Landscape, Banagher, IE.
2011          Wat Blijft komt Nooit Terug, Ateliers BaZtille, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. NL.
2011:         Impressions, Galway Arts Centre, Galway, IE.
2011:         Road Roller Project, Cork Printmakers in association with ArtTrail, Cork, Ireland.
2011:         Cork Contemporary Projects, Engage Arts Festival, Bandon, Cork, Ireland.
2008:        Impressions, Galway Arts Centre, Galway , IE.
2008:        Tales from the Black Lodge, Altered Esthetics, Minneapolis, US.
2008:        Fledglings, The Lavit Gallery, Cork , IE.
2007:        Auf getz; Belmont Mill, Offaly, IE.
2007:        Fear Not, Iontas, Sligo Art Gallery, Sligo, IE.
2007:        Holga, Monster Truck Gallery, Francis St., Dublin, IE.
2006:        Death Swap; Cannonball press, AD HOC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US.

2022:        O’Shea, Ali, Encountering Slowscapes; Published Printed Object.
2020:        Kelleher, Sarah, Overburden, The Sunday Times Review.
2020:        Amado, Miguel, Overburden, Essay.
2019:         Long, Sarah, VAN, See You Tomorrow, VAN Critique, Summer Issue.
2019:        O’ Donnell, Annie, Corridor8. Field Study Review, The Auxiliary.
2019:        Hodge, Anne, Making Their Mark, Catalogue text, National Gallery of Ireland.2018:       Clarke, Chris, Work at Rest, Essay.
2018:       Clancy, Luke, Art Review, Sustainable Futures, April 018 Issue.
2018:        Wilkinson, Judith, Frieze, I Am Now a Saint’: Brian O’Doherty Turns 90,Review.
2018:        North, Kirstie, VAN, Sustainable Futures, Spring 2018 Issue.
2018:       Chenu, Rachel, PausArt,  Feature.
2018:       Kelleher, Sarah, Visions of Half-Light, Catalogue text.
2018:       North, Kirstie, Natural Histories, Catalogue text.
2016:       Jewesbury, Daniel , 126 Quarterly, Visual Art Publication.
2015:       O’ Donnell, Niamh, Dwyer, Emma; VAN, Solidarity and Connectivity, Spring Issue.
2014:       Singh, Abhilasha, Watchlist Artist, ArtSlant Worldwide.


2016:       Visiting Lecturer, The Burren College of Art, NUIG, Co. Clare, IE.
                  Visiting Lecturer & Workshop Instructor in Print, Art Academy of Riga, Latvia. LV.
2014:       Visiting Lecturer in Professional Development, Crawford College of Art, Cork, IE.
                  Visiting Lecturer in Relief Printmaking, Crawford College of Art, Cork, IE.
2012:       Master class Instructor in Relief Printmaking & Drawing, SPW, Wales. UK.


2020:      Gallery Technician, GLUCKSMAN Gallery, U.C.C. (2019,2018)
2019:       Fine Print Editioning, in Etching, Photopolymer, & Relief. (2018)
                  Freelance Gallery Technician, Exhibition Installation Work in Various Venues.
2016:       Project Member, Flags for the Townlands, Cork City Public Art by Tom Doig.
2014:       Project Member, Singers Corner, Cork City Arts Public Art Project by Johnny Bugler.
2009-12:Cork Contemporary Projects Artist Led Initiative, Gallery Project Manager/ Technician


2019:       Furniture Making & Design, 1:1, QQIL5, CSN, Cork.
2015:       MA in Art & Process, 1:1, Crawford College of Art, Cork.
2008:      B.A (Honours) in Fine Art, Printmaking, 2:1, Crawford College of Art, Cork.